Eagle ImpEx
Taking Business to New Heights

Eagle ImpEx was created from the idea of providing affordable, simple and smart solutions to entrepreneurs and small businesses alike. We provide a multitude of different services from imports and exports to basic web design and social media management. The journey might be long and hard but we  make it easier with our network of suppliers, service providers and agents. 

ImpEx Source
Imports & Exports

We at Eagle ImpEx have learnt to navigate the world of imports and exports, with our network of agents and approved suppliers we can do more than just find what you are looking for.

Business Reg
Business Solutions

We provide a multitude of services to up and coming entrepreneurs and small business alike. Whether its registering your company, bookkeeping, or assisting you to set up your company for success, we can help.

Our Mission

We strive to deliver affordable, simple and smart solutions to start-ups, entrepreneurs and small businesses alike. With combined experience of over 30 years in the import/export industry, online management, web development and entrepreneurship, we can help you achieve success from start to finish.

Thanks to the development our own in house brands/products and partnered brands/products we know what is needed to separate you from the rest of the crowd and achieve greatness.

 The journey you take will not be easy but with the right partners, service providers, suppliers and agents you will achieve success. Brilliance awaits.