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Based upon our survey and research done, e.g. face-to-face market research with end users, community pharmacies, other independent pharmacies, the public in general; pertaining to condoms which are currently available in the market. Our research indicated that there is a demand for an “African” named and branded condom to cater specially for the African market, which will be easily identifiable by the target group.

Apart from the aforementioned, research has indicated that the current standard size condom available in the market does not fit well enough, ingraining fear in the end user that it may burst thus, not allowing them to fully enjoy their sexual activity. Taking the aforementioned into account, we have developed our condom/s to “fit” all sizes of the target market. The development has been completed and is quality assured.

The result based on the research done ensued the creation, development and branding of our range of condoms..

BOSSO 45 - Key Features

The BOSSO 45 brand is a locally inspired condom brand taking inspiration from our shared heritage. The design and condom are uniquely afro-centric, one of a kind which speaks to our shared heritage, history and identity.

The Logo:

BOSSO 45 (Four Five) comes from the local “Khasi” “Township”slang.

“BOSSO” which once translated means BOSS, KING or “MAIN MAN” and “45” (Four Five) which once translated, means PENIS, COCK. Combining these 2 elements creates a uniquely South African “African” name which is easily understood across most of Southern Africa. BOSSO 45 (Translated King Cock/Penis) speaks to the individual and represents a part of South Africa rarely seen and represented by the mainstream. This gives us an uniquely identifiable logo that will stand out above our competition. The African continent around the BOSSO 45 represents unity and pride in our heritage and unique peoples.

Bosso 45 Logo
3D box classic pack
The Packaging /Box:

The design of the box is unique as it is afro-centric, and is inspired by the unique cultures within Southern Africa.

The Shield: The Traditional African shield placed in the centre of the logo speaks to the unique identity of South African cultures, which encompasses the different groups within our beautiful land. The shield is seen as strength and as such our  condoms are reliable, strong and can be trusted.

The Leopard print: The inspiration of this can be traced to the Zulu nation within South Africa; a symbol of strength, wealth, pride, and royalty within their culture. This in turns shows the strength and pride we have in our brand and our condoms. 

The Language: on the box is comprised of the 2 most readable and understood languages in South Africa; namely English and Zulu, this is unique as NO other condom brand has Zulu as a represented language on their product. This further pushes us to the forefront above our competitors.  The people can identify with the language which gives us the competitive edge.

The Symbols: on the side of the box are written in both English and Zulu allowing the customer to read and relate the product to Quality (to be trusted) and that it’s made for African Men.

The Packaging /Box Redesign:

The design of the box is unique as it is afro-centric, and is inspired by the unique cultures within Southern Africa. We have taken that to the next level by combining the Afro-Centric Logo with a modern sleek black design.

This has lead to the creation you see mixing the uniqueness of Africa and the modern world.

Classic dual

The Foil:

Our foil is the colour of gold with the logo printed in the centre, representing the high-quality materials used in the manufacturing of the condom inside.

IMG_20210324_095806 edit
Condom Specs
Quality Mark

Quality Mark

The Condom:

We have taken special care in the design of our condoms, making sure they meet all regulatory requirements. After extensive research we have designed a superior condom which is larger than that found in western and eastern countries to suit the unique demographic of Africa.

Length: Our condom comes in at 190mm above the general internationally accepted length of 180mm.  Width: Our width comes in at 56mm with room to stretch allowing for a secure yet comfortable fit. This too is above western and eastern norms, where the sizes are 52mm and 54mm respectively.  Shape: The shape of the condom plays an important role for the wearer; the shape contributes to how comfortable it is to use and helps determine the sensation of the wearer. As such we have moved away from the standard parallel shape for a flared shape to both improve the comfort of the condom, along with improving the sensation.  This shape inturn improves the ease of putting on the condom. Thickness: Our condoms are 0.065mm thick, which allows for better reliability and safety while maintaining excellent sensation for the wearer. The condoms are also non-scented, non-coloured to negate the chances of an allergic reaction to the chemical components found within scents and colourants.

(WHO/ UNFPA specify 53 mm ± 2 mm) The thickness range has been chosen to avoid both very thin and very thick (0.80mm and above) condoms. The very thin products are likely to fail inflation requirements, while the very thick ones appear to offer no added efficacy and are likely to be less acceptable to users. The normal thickness range for condoms is between 0.060 and 0.080 mm. Condoms thinner than 0.060 mm are normally classified as thin, and those thicker than 0.080 mm are normally classified as thick.)

Another unique innovative “first” is a quality mark at the base of the condom consisting of the brand name BOSSO 45. This is done for various reasons amongst other, making the condom easily identifiable.

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